United Airlines Flight Change Policy

United Airlines’ Flight Change Policy is quite accommodating when it comes to flight cancellations and changes. You may find all of the information on United Airlines’ Change Policy in the sections below.

According to the United flight change policy, you have several options for changing an existing air travel reservation, including requesting a refund, switching to a different United flight departing within the next three hours on the same day as your original booking, or completely changing the time or location of your reservation. Depending on the type of ticket and the manner of purchase, there may be a price associated with the adjustment you request.


If you decide to cancel/change your trip and book a new booking/flight with United Airlines, you may or may not be entitled to a refund, depending on the reason for the cancellation, the time of cancellation, and the kind of ticket you purchased. You should speak with an agent before making any demands for the pricey tickets. So read the United Airlines flight change policy and processes carefully to understand the specific method for receiving new tickets.

How can I change a flight on United Airlines?

Step 1:

To change your flight online, go to United Airlines’ official website and choose “My Reservations.” To discover your original reservation, enter your last name, credit card number, or confirmation number, or just log in with your current United account and choose your itinerary. Search for and select a new flight from which you wish to depart.

Step 2:

Begin by going to United Airlines’ official website and checking in. If you’re willing to switch to a standby status on an aircraft with the same destination leaving within the next three hours, use your original reservation. If an earlier flight is available, select it and choose the standby status. There is a price for this service, which is only charged if you successfully board the earlier aircraft. If there isn’t enough capacity on the standby flight for you, you keep your original reservation.

Step 3:

You must call United Airlines’ reservation service to update your mileage plus award tickets or miles and money award tickets; there is no opportunity to do so online. You can also amend or switch your reservation to a same-day reservation by phoning United Airlines’ reservation department.

Step 4:

Make modifications to your reservation or move to an earlier flight with the help of a person at the United Booking Center or Kiosk. If you did not book your original tickets via united.com and instead through a third party, you may be charged an additional fee for changing flights in addition to the standard change and travel fees.

Fee for changing a flight on United Airlines:

United Airlines allows passengers to change select eligible flights for a cost, which varies depending on the route and destination. If your ticket is restricted, you will have to pay a fee to make adjustments. The majority of flights charge a fee for any requested changes.

According to the United Airlines change flight fee, a flight change under the domestic flight category will cost $200 and a flight change under the international flight category would cost $400. Some reservations that are changeable can be changed online via the airline’s official website or mobile app. From the reservation section of the official website or mobile app, select “Change Flight.” As you search and select a new flight, all fee differences and change fees will be revealed.

Change of United Flight in 24 Hours:

If a traveller has purchased tickets for a flight that departs at least 7 days before the scheduled departure date, he or she can cancel the tickets for free or request a change to the reservation without charge. However, travellers must cancel or request adjustments within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. United Airlines’ actual phrase is:

“Under our 24-hour flexible booking policy, if your ticket was purchased through United in the last 24 hours and you completed your purchase one week or more before the originally scheduled departure flight, it may qualify for a waiver of change or cancellation fees”.

If you prefer an alternative itinerary, the following options are available:

– If a passenger arrives at the airport within 24 hours of reserving a flight, he or she can change to another flight via the airline’s official website, mobile app, or other means.
– Passengers can make revisions and changes to their reservations through the “Manage Reservations” area of the website or mobile app within 24 hours after booking without incurring any change fees.
– Passengers can also contact United Airlines and speak with a professional about any modifications or amendments to their reservation.

Fees for changing flights with United have been waived:

In some cases, the passenger will be unable to avoid United Airlines’ change fee. The following are some unusual circumstances in which a passenger’s united flight change fee is waived:

“You will be required to pay the applicable change fee at the time of the change if your travel plans change due to illness or jury duty.”
You may seek a refund once the adjustment cost has been applied.”

Passengers must present certain documentation in accordance with the conditions outlined in order to receive a refund of their change fees.

United Flight Change on the Same Day:

If the traveller has a restricted ticket, he can alter his flight on the same day for a reduced charge. Flight modifications are not permitted for Basic Economy or Economy ticket holders. Same-day flight modifications are complimentary for Premier Platinum, MileagePlus Premier® Gold, and Premier 1K® members.

The following are the fees and conditions that apply:

Membership Service Fee
MileagePlus members $75
Premier Silver members $75
Premier Gold members No Fee Charged
Premier platinum and Premier 1k members No Fee Charged

– The passenger’s itinerary must be operated by United or United Express, and the passenger’s ticket number must begin with the number 016.
– Within 24 hours of the passenger’s initial scheduled flight, the service of same-day flight changes is available. The passenger’s requested flight must depart within 24 hours of the passenger’s request, and it may contain any fare class; however, the passenger may be required to pay the difference in fare. All of the adjustments should be completed before the flight’s original departure time.
– The same-day flight change cost (instead of the defined altered price in the fare rules) will be paid if the passenger is able to get his or her original ticketed fare class on the requested flight within 24 hours of departure.
– The same-day flight change cost (instead of the defined change fee in the fare rules) will be levied if the passenger does not receive his or her original ticketed fare class on the desired flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. Any extra payments or reimbursements for the fare difference are also applicable.
– If seats in the fare class purchased are not available, passengers can pick the standby option. Only if you are given a seat on an alternate flight will you be charged the same-day price. The standby option does not allow for route adjustments. Passengers can request a standby option at the airport’s kiosk or booking centre on the day of their flight’s departure. You can check your real-time standby status online using the official website or mobile app once your name is added to the list of standby passengers.
– If a passenger’s ticket is upgraded, he or she will be added to the upgrade standby list with the appropriate upgrade priority. Once a passenger is added to the upgrade standby list, he or she can check the status of the standby upgrade in real time on United Airlines’ official website or mobile app.
– For the same origin and destination airports, United Airlines accepts modifications. If the passenger’s fare permits for a new routing, the passenger’s flight connecting points can be modified.


Passengers can confirm same-day flight adjustments when they check in online, at any airport kiosk, by contacting United Airlines’ reservation department, or by speaking with a United employee.
If the passenger checked baggage on the original flight, any modifications must be made at least 60 minutes prior to the departure of the new flight so that the airlines can transport the baggage of passengers on the new flight.

Frequently Asked Questions About United Airlines’ Policy Changes

Is it possible to change my United Airlines flight?

Yes. With United Airlines, you have the option of changing your flight. You may be charged a change fee, depending on your fare and itinerary. After taking into account United’s flight change policy, the cost will be determined.

What is the procedure for changing seats on United Airlines?

There are several ways to change seats on United Airlines. Some of them are listed below:

– United Airlines’ website and mobile app are both available online.

– United Airlines’ toll-free customer support number is 1800-864-8331.

Note: If a traveller utilises the offline change option, they must pay service expenses in addition to the United change flight fees, according to United’s policy.

How much does it cost to change United Airlines flights?

If a traveller fails to make modifications within the permitted period, they must pay a change fee ranging from USD 50 to $200, according to United’s flight change policy.

What is the United Airlines change fee?

United Airlines calculates the change cost after evaluating the flight change policy. The passenger does not have to pay the change fee if the flight is changed on the same day as the booking. When the risk-free period expires, however, the airline will charge you for any changes made to your fare categories.

Is it possible to adjust my United Airlines travel date?

Yes. United Airlines allows you to modify your flight date by paying a change fee. After taking into account United Airlines’ Flight Change Policy, the change fees will be determined.

Is there a fee for changing a flight with United Airlines?

It all depends on when you want to make adjustments. If you change your ticket within the no-change-fee period, the airline will not charge you any United change flight fees. The airline allows passengers to swap seats based on their needs if they have accompanying paperwork. However, tickets must be purchased through United Airlines’ official channels, including as their website, mobile app, and customer service phone number, or at their airport counters.

Is it possible for United Airlines to waive the change fee?

Yes. If a flight is cancelled or a reservation is booked on or after April 2020, United Airlines will waive change fees. By charging a small fraction of ticket rates as United change flight fees, the airline provides its passengers the power to make changes according to their wishes. The airline, however, has cancelled the flight change fees due to the global epidemic.

Note: Before arriving at the airport, passengers must provide the RT PCR.

Is it possible to adjust my United Airlines return flight date?

Yes. By paying a change fee, United Airlines allows you to change your return flight date. After assessing United Airlines’ change flight policy, the change charges will be calculated. The change feature will be free for travellers who change their dates within 24 hours after booking.

How do I update my United Airlines seat assignment using the online system?

To modify your seat assignment on United Airlines using the internet method, complete the procedures below:

• Go to United Airlines’ official website.

• Before proceeding to the My journey section, make a presence at the login page.

• Complete the account authentication process by using user credentials.

• Return to the My trip section after you’ve completed the login process.

• In the appropriate field, enter your booking code and last name.

• Review the information and select the Continue button.

• Select the journey you want to take.

• Make all necessary adjustments.

• Pay United Airlines’ change of flight fees.

• Use your registered ID to get your new e-tickets.

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