United Airlines Baggage Policy

According to United Airlines’ baggage policy, the basic economy luggage limit covers the following items:

  • Baggage for carry-on
  • One piece of carry-on luggage: Free of charge
  • One personal item to mention: Free of charge
  • Baggage that has been checked: Charges and fees are assessed in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • Oversize baggage: Fees and charges are determined by the weight’s size.
  • Overweight luggage: Charges are assessed based on the weight limit.
  • Sporting goods: Some goods are subject to charges.

Because the baggage allowance and regulations for carry-on and checked baggage are different, you should familiarise yourself with the United Airlines baggage policy to avoid any last-minute hassles. Read the entire article below and plan properly for your United Airlines flight.

Rules and Requirements for United Airlines Carry-on Baggage

According to United Airlines’ carry-on baggage rules and regulations, passengers are allowed to bring one personal item (handbag, laptop bag, camera bag, briefcase, etc.) and one carry-on bag free of charge.


Baggage Weight and Size/Dimensions for United Airlines Carry-on Bags

  • United Airlines’ carry-on baggage dimensions (maximum allowed) are 56*36*23 cm (115 centimetres) or 22*14*9 (45 linear inches), including the bag’s wheels and handles.
  • The carry-on bag must fit under the front passenger’s seat or in the overhead bin.
  • Personal objects shall not exceed the size of 41*28*20 cm (89 centimetres) or 16*11*8 inches (36 linear inches).
  • The personal object should be able to fit completely under the passenger’s seat or in the overhead bin.
  • Strollers, wheelchairs, child restraint seats, crutches, walkers, and other assistive devices (strollers, wheelchairs, child restraint seats, crutches, walkers, etc.) do not count as carry-on baggage.

Keep in mind that the bulkhead seats do not have any under-seat storage, therefore passengers must store their carry-on luggage in the overhead bin during take-off and landing.

Checked Baggage Rules and Requirements for United Airlines

According to United Airlines’ checked baggage rules and regulations, customers are allowed to check two bags (fees and charges apply for the Economy class).

Size/Dimensions and Weight Limits for United Checked Baggage

  • The maximum permissible dimensions for checked baggage on United Airlines are 157 centimetres or 62 inches (length+width+height).
  • Checked baggage cannot weigh more than 23 kilogrammes (50 pounds).

Baggage Fees on United Airlines

With United Airlines, you must pay a price for both carry-on and checked baggage. The baggage fees charged by United Airlines are determined by the fare type purchased, the ticket’s destination, whether the passenger is an active U.S. military personnel and/or dependent, whether the passenger is a member of United Airlines’ frequent flyer programme, whether the passenger is a member of any partner airlines, and whether the passenger has a United Airlines-sponsored charge card or credit card. The whole structure of United Airlines baggage fees can be found here.

Checked Baggage Fee on United Airlines

  • The first piece of luggage costs $30 USD.
  • A second bag costs $40 USD.
  • Third, there’s more: Each bag costs $150 USD.

The first checked luggage is free on United Airlines overseas flights to/from the United States, and the second checked baggage is $100USD. The cost of checked luggage in international basic economy is $60 USD for the first bag and $100 USD for the second bag. United Airlines provides two checked bags as standard on select trips. You can visit United Airlines’ official website and use their “Baggage Calculator” service to acquire an estimate of baggage fees based on your needs.


Oversize Baggage Fee at United

All baggage with dimensions ranging from 160 to 292 centimetres (63 to 115 linear inches) is subject to United’s oversize baggage costs. Checked baggage with a length of more than 292 centimetres (115 inches) is not authorised.

Overweight Baggage Fee on United Airlines

The overweight baggage fee is charged by United for luggage that exceeds the weight limits (23 kilogrammes or 50 pounds). Read on to learn about the overweight baggage fees charged by United for various weight levels.

  • Extra baggage weighing between 24 and 32 kilogrammes (51 and 70 pounds) costs $100 USD.
  • Extra baggage weighing 33 to 46 kilogrammes (71 to 100 pounds) costs $400 USD.
  • Any luggage weighing more than 46 kilos (100 pounds) will not be accepted as checked baggage by United Airlines.
  • The flight to/from the United States costs between $200 and $400 USD. To acquire an estimate of baggage fees, use United Airline’s “Baggage Calculator” service.

Extra Baggage Fee on United Airlines

The United Airlines additional baggage fee is charged starting with the third bag and ranges from $150 to $300 USD. We recommend that you go to United Airlines’ official website and utilise the “Baggage Calculator” service to get an estimate of baggage fees based on your needs and routes. Please be aware that for flights to/from Central America, Mexico, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, there may be temporary or permanent restrictions on excess luggage allowance. The “baggage embargoes” can be found on United Airlines’ official website (www.united.com).

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