Play Airline is Offering a 25% Discount on Flights to Europe

Play airline is now running a 13-day discount streak. Every day, a new bargain is announced. On December 18, it will provide a 25% discount on flights from the United States to Dublin, Liverpool, Copenhagen, or Berlin. The offer is only valid for 24 hours, ending at midnight ET. Those planning a trip to Europe in the near future will find the 25% discount on Play’s website.


It’s an enticing offer, in part because Play’s tickets are already significantly lower than those of most other airlines. However, because Play is a low-cost carrier, the fee will not include anything other than a guarantee that you will arrive at your location. You must pay an additional fee to select your seat, bring bags, or obtain a meal.

When booking with a low-cost airline, it’s always worth adding up the extras before you buy. Either agree to forego some of those “extras,” or calculate the cost of checking a bag and selecting a seat near to a friend. Still, if you don’t mind travelling without frills, you can get a great deal on a journey to Europe on December 18.

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